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Skaletski-Boyd Client Testimonials
There are no words to describe what you do. I am truly grateful for your gift and am looking at my life in a totally new light, seeing things from a different perspective and seeing things I never knew before. Wow. Again thank you from the bottom of my soul.
Bonnie Olivares, California

Michelle is truly gifted and uses these gifts to identify the blocks that hinder us from becoming our best selves. She uses her training, talents and compassion to help us overcome these obstacles and tailors each session to individual needs. For me she was able to get the ‘monkey off my back’ so I could heal my shoulder and completely move forward as a healthy whole person again. Words cannot express the sincere gratitude I have for her!!
Dr. Bre Z., Kalispell, Montana

The session with Michelle was profound, and I am extremely thankful for her insight, guidance and help. I am astonished by her ability to get right to the heart of the issue without ever having met in person, and how she can help ‘reframe’ the challenges with blessings to help me grow (as difficult and as confusing as they have been).
Sarah Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

I just want to let you know that the results of my hypnosis session with you are significant! My shoulder and neck tension are 90% alleviated. Hypnosis is one of the best treatments for tension and pain!! Thank you — feeling loved.” ❤️
Andrea Bryant, Whitefish, Montana

Namaste Michelle,
I appreciated your insights at the end of the session on what happened between me and my partner, causing his suicide. I am surprised how precise you are, and you are really gifted as a clairvoyant.
With my best regards,
Svetlana (Australia)

Michelle, I entered this experience without having any particular result in mind and with a full awareness that the outcome depended on me too, depending on how open and relaxed I would allow myself to be. And actually the result turned out to be a big surprise – I experienced things and senses that were absolutely new and from another dimension. During my final session I got to know who my spirit guide was and it blew my mind. I was feeling thousands of various feelings at the same time. I could feel the spirit’s presence and energy around me and it remained long after the session. I am so, so happy that I have worked with you. And there is so much more to discover. Life is absolutely magical!
Warm wishes,
Sabina (Sweden)

Speaking with Michelle is to speak with your own highest nature. Her integrity shines and the power flowing through her voice is a healing force. I highly recommend her.
Author, Vicki Woodyard, Georgia

I contacted Michelle with the intent of increasing my awareness of energy around me in order to facilitate my healing abilities. Michelle helped me do this, but also so much more. She helped me to become self aware and to trust myself. These lessons are invaluable to me and I have had some amazing experiences with my patients because of them. Michelle was kind, sweet and gentle and her level of awareness and intuition did not fail to surprise me every time I spoke to her.
Thank you Michelle.
Carol Avila, an Arizona Nurse Practitioner

It was an amazing day – A combination of letting go and holding on for the ride. As you might have sensed, the day shifted all over and there was a lot of serendipity. Uncanny even. Thanks for all your help. I have spent a lot of time and money on people like you, and you have been very effective.
All the best,
Rob Skinner, Nevada

Your group session was so powerful to me and I thank you for your gifts and blessings you bestow on others including myself. You truly are a mother to so many souls, allowing each of us to connect to our higher self! What a lovely new experience.
Jen A, Florida