On the Beautiful Shores of Flathead Lake

Enjoy the Experience


Led By Intuitive Medium, Past Life Regression Specialist, Best-Selling Author, & Soul Journey Guide, Michelle Skaletski Boyd, C.Ht.


  • Enjoy 3 Days of Past Life & In-Between Lives Exploration!
  • Learn How to Open Your Akashic Records With a Friend 
  • Share In Playful Body Postures & Grounding Techniques
  • Gain Insights On How You and Your Friend May Have Crossed Paths Before


Less than 2 hours from Missoula International Airport, 40 minutes from Glacier International Airport, and 1 hour from the West Entrance of Glacier National Park!

Teams of 2:

Registration is designed for groups of 2, so if you and your friend are paying separately, be sure they also register the same day as you!

Check in is Sunday August 27th between 3 and 4 pm Mountain time – – Check out is Wednesday morning August 30th between 10 and 11 am Mountain

Enjoy a Sunday Evening Welcome Dinner to Connect with Others of Like-Mind; 3 Meaningful Nights of Dorm Style Lodging, Camp Showers, Shared Kitchen and Fireplace Overlooking the Lake; Prepared Meals in the Dining Hall Monday & Tuesday which includes All-You-Can Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (gluten free or vegan) ; A Healthy Send Off Continental Breakfast Wednesday Morning, AND… Plenty of Time to Escape from Everyday Life with Relaxing Lake Amenities to include Swimming, Canoeing, and Paddle Boarding.

While soaking up the beauty of the lake, you’ll receive energetic upgrades designed to give you the clarity and insights you need to live a life of abundance and vitality.

This beautiful wellness retreat is suitable for those who believe in the power of positivity and recognize the miracles of every day life while trusting their God-Source gifts and intuitive abilities.

This retreat is designed to help you and your friend access memories from previous life times so you can masterfully open the door to mystical worlds and discover more about your selves beyond this time-space reality.

Together you will soul journey through ancient ceremony to practice energy medicine techniques, open the Akashic records, partake in appreciation exercises and forgiveness techniques, and learn why you may have crossed paths before.




I Used To Believe In Reincarnation, But That Was In a Past Life

Is Past Life for Real?

Whether you believe in “past life” or not, science has proven we are all recycled energy!

Many cultures and religions around the world encourage discussions of past lives, yet “past” is a time-space illusion so maybe you’d be more comfortable calling it a parallel reality or alternate universe instead?

Or perhaps your soul split into 2 and then again and again which is why there are now thousands of renditions of you. Are you now remembering some of them?

If you can recall feeling a certain Deja Vu — feeling as though you have shared a lifetime with someone before, or have fears or phobias that don’t match up to this lifetime, or have felt a special connection with certain places you cannot explain, or if you “just know” you have been here before, then this retreat is for you!

Dating as far back as the Dead Sea Scrolls, even Buddha himself has been said to have reincarnated at least 504 times before.

This retreat is designed to help you access your memories from previous lifetimes so you can  masterfully open the door to magical and mystical worlds beyond this time-space reality… a loving offering of true intimacy /”into-me-I-see”


This 3 day retreat will not only give you the opportunity to find out more about your past lives, it will also help you heal and rediscover a more loving and free connection with yourself.

Early Bird Special!
Save $100 per person

Just $519 per person when you and your friend pay in full by June 1, 2023

Includes retreat, lodging, & all gluten free or vegan meals.


Get first dibs on your lodge preference when you are the first few groups of 2 to register!

Two campsite spots are available for those who wish to bring their own RV. (price is the same)

Before making your payment, please read through the cancelation and refund policy below.
In order for your registration to be complete, full payment is required by both you and your friend same day.


In order to create an environment with plenty of opportunities for circle time sharing and self-reflection, this year’s retreat is limited to the first 7 couples to register.

If you live within Flathead County, please feel free to drop off your check or cash payment after making prior arrangements with Michelle.

Those outside of the area have the convenience of paying online (please use your best email).

Once payment is received you should receive a confirmation email within 24 business hours.

Payments can be made using the links below using Paypal, Venmo, or Stripe (credit card)

 Note:Those paying via Paypal please choose “SEND” money option.

Questions? Email: soulfeltwords -AT- gmail.com

Deliver Cash or Check to Michelle in person

OR … SEND $519 PER PERSON using one of the payment options below


You and your chosen partner may cancel your participation in this year’s retreat at any time. Your payment in full comes with the understanding of the following cancellation policy:

Given this is a unique immersive experience with all meals and materials customized for the entire group, no refunds will be given after July 15, 2023.

Should you make a payment on or before July 14, 2023, and then request a refund for any reason, a $100 processing fee will be deducted prior to issuing credit.

The ONLY exception to this policy – and this is unlikely  –  is if we must cancel the retreat in its entirety on our end in which case all parties will be notified via email along with full refund instructions.

NOTE: Given life happens and unforeseen situations may present themselves, it is highly recommended you purchase Travel Insurance to give you peace of mind.


Includes 3 nights of lodging, gluten free or vegan meals, materials and presentations, some take home gifts, and memories to last several lifetimes 🙏🏽

Watch official invite video



Some of Last Year’s Participants Gathering at Sunset on Flathead Lake

What To Wear & Bring

Dress for your comfort please. This is a casual laid back event with just a few camp rules such as no alcohol or smoking on the grounds. Please also leave your heavy perfumes, fragrances and colognes at home given we are “camping” with some great fun empaths who are highly sensitive to energies.

Given Summer in Montana can mean warm days and cool nights with both indoor and outdoor activities planned, it is recommended you dress in layers, bring a sturdy pair of walking shoes, pack a toiletry kit, and pick attire that is easy to stretch in and move. Slip-on footwear may also be helpful since we will sometimes be soul journeying and removing shoes.

In addition to your personal contents, please bring something padded and comfortable to sit / lie on for guided meditations. We will be doing a lot of soul journeying on either an indoor wooden floor or on the ground so please keep this in mind when bringing your mat of choice.

Packing List:

Because this is a “kid’s camp” and to keep the costs at an affordable rate, please bring your own blanket and pillow. Note: Bedrolls can be purchased on site for $15 (US) which includes sheets, blanket, and pillow. Please call ahead to the Camp and let them know in advance of your needs and then pay them directly for your bedding upon arrival.

Because each lodge is set up with twin &/or full bunk beds there is a sleeping pad on each bed; however, it is HIGHLY recommended you bring an additional mattress pad or air mattress you can easily carry for your added comfort, as it can double for meditations as well.

Please pack a comfortable sturdy pair of hiking shoes &/or a walking stick with a headlamp as we will be doing some steep walks both in the evening and at night, weather permitting

Please also bring a healthy group snack to be shared on our final evening (some suggestions are trail mix, dried fruits, jerky, sunflower seeds) AND a small prayer offering to the lake. Ideas are a small crystal, tobacco, cedar or sage which are great ways to thank you for all the spiritual guidance and blessings you are sure to receive.

You might also wish to bring the following:

  • Travel Mug/closed container(coffee and tea will be provided on site/please no open containers other than in the kitchen area)
  • Journal
  • Comfy items for meditation such as Eye Mask or Pillow, Essential Oils, Shawl
  • $5+ to be added to the Group Thank You Card for our Onsite Chefs/Church Volunteers
  • Anything else that will make you feel comfy at your home away from home

IMPORTANT:  All meals are prepared with love with gluten free or vegan options. Should you have other dietary needs, please feel free to bring in your own foods keeping in mind extra refrigeration is limited to one fridge per shared lodge for the entire group.

Michelle Skaletski-Boyd Hypnotherapist

Namaste. I’m Michelle Skaletski-Boyd- a professional Soul Journey Guide, Reiki Master Teacher, Best-Selling Author, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. Since 2006, I have worked with thousands of spiritual seekers around the globe teaching proven methods of connecting to the afterlife and sacred realms, guiding individuals on Montana retreats since 2014.