Carrie Lyon

My name is Carrie. I am a business owner living in Colorado. I originally took the course to learn all I could about the spiritual world. All my life I’ve learned about the religious world. I now know there is a VAST difference between the two! Initially, my mother/best friend had just passed away. The hole it left in my heart set me on a search to learn all I could about “where” she actually was. My soul just couldn’t accept that she was gone or even away. I soon learned the meaning of synchronicity, and this course came along at the perfect time. Taking this course has been the best and most significant journey of my life, and has set me on a course for infinitely much more learning and transforming. Thankfully, my life will never be the same. I myself will never be the same. The transformation you will experience in taking this course is, without a doubt, incredibly and permanently life changing! To miss out on this opportunity is to miss out on learning our purpose for being here, our mission in life. I am beyond grateful to Mischel for facilitating such a transformation. Mischel has a phenomenal set of spiritual gifts, and the ability to guide you smoothly and gently into this incredible, life-changing spiritual world. If I had one wish in this crazy mixed-up world of ours, it would be that everyone could have the opportunity to take this course with eyes and hearts wide open. Our world would be a better, happier, more loving place!”

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~ Carrie Lyon, Silt, Colorado December 20, 2018