Gerry Hofstra

“My strict religious upbringing had taught me Mediums are not to be trusted, but there was something about Mischel that impressed me – her integrity and the validity of what she was sharing. I knew I was intuitive and things would come to me that I had no way of knowing but I had no way of tapping into it when I was helping others.

The course opened up a whole new way for me. The gentle and consistent way that Mischel led us on an ever-deepening journey was life-changing. I learned things about myself I never knew, I learned how to go deeper and tap into the energy of God’s presence. To connect with my guides and to cross into the afterlife, something I had thought I could never do, and meet with my parents, was beautiful and affirming.

I appreciated Mischel’s sensitivity into how I needed to progress and her honesty in expressing that. I felt I needed affirmation in what was happening, but she did not pamper me but encouraged me to trust and that was perhaps my biggest step, to do just that – trust. That was perhaps my main accomplishment to learn to be open and to trust, and I have Mischel to thank for that. As a teacher, she is concise and to the point, always aware of her audience and their progress. Her course has been a major part on my inward journey, and I look forward and I am looking forward to ever-deepening connections with the spirit world.”

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~ Gerry Hofstra of Guelph Ontario, Canada December 20, 2018