Mari Bass

“I’ve been on an inner journey most of this life. I was introduced to Mischel in 2014 as a private client and felt an immediate connection with her. I liked her message; she was clear and clean. . . When the course became available, I knew at my core I wanted to go even deeper . . . What an amazing gift! It was similar to working with Mischel as a private client but so much more in depth and at a slow gentle pace. Mischel’s guidance took us by the hand and directed us, but it was up to each of us to use and practice utilizing the tools that she provided.

Each Module built upon the next with weeks of practice in-between them. The classes were available to reference back to at any time. I have gone to deeper inner depths easier than I ever thought possible. I was able to meet my guide directly, whom I’ve known for eternity, but this was on a different, more palpable and even visual level.

I do not believe in coincidences. Meeting Mischel was my next stage of evolution and she was the guide- the angel- sent to me to help me continue on my path. So if you are reading this wondering… oh, maybe it costs too much, or can I make the commitment for 9 months or is this for real… I asked myself these same questions–except the ‘for real’ one cause I knew it was. Simply know, if you’re here reading this and are on the fence, I’d suggest you go within, ask, and if your heart leans toward a yes, go for it! It might just be the biggest gift you ever will give to yourself. It was for me. It’s a life changer and you are worth it! Thanks, Mischel, I love you.”

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~ Mari Bass of Overgaard, Arizona December 20, 2018